Knoxville Urology Clinic, P.C.
Knoxville Urology Clinic, P.C.

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  1. You will probably have blood in your urine - this is expected. You may even pass occasional blood clots.
  2. You may experience bladder symptoms due to the stent (voiding frequently or burning with urination).
  3. You may experience back pain when passing your urine.
  4. Notify the office if you accidentally pull the string on the stent and the stent is pulled out.
  5. You may have bruising of the skin on your back and flank area.
  6. You may have back and / or leg pain.
  7. You may not pass any fragments before your office visit.
  8. Resume activities as tolerated.
  9. Resume pre-op diet and medications as directed.
  10. Drink lots of fluid - 3 to 4 quarts a day (fruit juices, water, avoid: colas, teas and milk).
  11. You may shower. No tub baths.
  12. Call office if temperature is over 101° F.

Our office number is 546.5590 or 690.3811 and is answered 24 hours a day. For routine questions and prescription refills, call during regular office hours.

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