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You have recovered satisfactorily from your surgery and are now ready for discharge to your home. Here are some instructions to help you with your recovery and prevent complication.

Diet: Resume your diet. Drink plenty of fluids. Any liquid is all right, including small amounts of alcoholic beverages if desired during the day, although heavy fluid intake at bedtime is not necessary.

Activity: Avoid strenuous physical exercise including heavy lifting and sexual intercourse until released by your doctor. This is generally a period of four to eight weeks depending on your surgery. Driving is generally okay after 72 hours and, of course, you might take short car rides. Extended travel is not recommended until you are released by your doctor.

Voiding: Void whenever urge presents itself. You may be getting up in the middle of the night or urinating more frequently during the daytime. This is normal after this type of surgery, but a more normal voiding pattern should resume within three to six weeks after surgery. If you are unable to void after this, please phone our office for further instructions. Also, if you have increased pain and pressure, please call our office and ask to speak to the nurse.

Blood in the urine or vaginal pad: You may have some blood or small pieces of tissue in your urine for two to four weeks after your procedure. This is not serious and a normal part of healing from a bladder vaginal surgery. You may have some bloody discharge that should be easily controlled with padding material for up to six weeks after the procedure. More serious things to be concerned about would be a large amount of vaginal bleeding through the vagina or foul smelling purulent material coming from the vagina or serious pain in the area.

Rest: You should get plenty of rest. The first five to seven days after your procedure are the most important. We do encourage you to get out of bed every day, to sit in a chair, walk around your house or apartment, strolling outdoors is also recommended if you desire. It is okay to go up and down steps as long as you go slowly.

Constipation: Please avoid constipation. You may take any laxatives of your choice. We do not recommend enemas, but a rectal suppository should be fine if you desire. Usually oral cathartics such as Milk of Magnesia are the most effective.

Douches: We do not recommend the use of any douches after vaginal surgery. Once you are healed up douches can be used but are generally not recommended at all.

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