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Leaving the Hospital with a Ureteral Stent

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You will be leaving the hospital with a stent in your ureter. This is somewhat like a hollow piece of spaghetti, which goes froth your kidney down into your bladder. It allows the kidney to drain while the swelling goes down in your urinary tract after surgery. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE THIS STENT REMOVED BY A UROLOGIST. Some stents stay in for a few days and are removed in the office, and others stay in for up to three to six months. Removing it is a rather simple procedure. Usually done under local anesthesia in the office.

You may expect some pain, which could be similar or worse than that of a kidney stone, due to the presence of the stent. This will get better as time goes on. Take your pain medication. Do not be alarmed if you see blood in your urine intermittently. Drink plenty of fluids and this will flush and clear with time. Do not be alarmed by pain in your back on the side of the stent, particularly when you urinate. The pressure from your bladder when you urinate can be transmitted up to the stent and cause pain. You will get used to this with time. It is also normal to have frequent urination with the stent, or a feeling of bladder fullness or spasms and difficulty with emptying in some cases.

You should call our office if you should develop a temperature greater than 101.5&186;F, or if your bladder becomes very full and distended and you are not able to pass your urine at all. Contact our office at 546.5590 or 856.690.3811.

Some stents have a small string, which comes out the urethra and may be visible in your pelvic area. Do not pull this string, as it will cause the stent to dislodge.

Be sure to take your antibiotic, if prescribed, exactly as directed.

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